The best chatbots of 2020

Chatbots have become a very functional tool for better communication with people; that is why dentist in Tijuana and other industries use this powerful system to provide a better service. When choosing a chatbot, the decision must be based on the quick utility that can be obtained because the tool can be modern and with a nice design. Still, if it does not provide efficiency, it is better to choose another one since its image can be affected.

So in this article, we will mention some of the best chatbots in terms of usefulness, ease, and conversational method, so we invite you to continue reading the article.


It is a Messenger chatbot that focuses more on the gastronomic sector since its primary function is to advise users with recipes and food orders. A clear example of this system’s usefulness is that, if a person wants to prepare a dish with a specific ingredient, the user only has to write the ingredient, and the chatbot, called Fredy, will provide several recipes.

Since it is a robot, in case of any problem you can count on the customer service to solve any doubt. Another advantage you get from using Freddy is that you can get discounts.

Capital One

Capital One is more focused on the banking sector, where the robot called Eno helps clients resolve doubts and alerts them to suspicious banking movements. Likewise, another advantage is that from Eno, it is possible to consult the balance and know the movements that have been made of the card.

Since the conversation was intended to be much more informal and understandable, this chatbot has emojis and understands the language, unlike others handled by commands.

WHO health alert

Because of all the misinformation that exists in these pandemic times, the World Health Organization incorporated a chatbot that helps people be informed about what is happening worldwide. This has been very helpful as it keeps users on their toes and allows them to view health recommendations.

This chatbot is managed from WhatsApp, where through keywords and emojis, people can select different topics to learn more about the selected option. To acquire this friendly robot, you only need a Whatsapp account and send a greeting to 41797818791.


It is a very different chatbot from the options mentioned above, mainly because of its purpose. This tool is ideal for people who have symptoms of depression since the response it provides is focused on changing people’s moods through gifs or positive responses. One of the facilities that this friendly robot presents is that it allows the interaction to be much more personal, that is why it is one of the most popular in the different download platforms.


This tool is more focused on travelers and works through Messenger. With this chatbot, people will be able to check flight prices, book hotels, and find out which are the most popular destinations. BB, the name of this assistant, uses a very friendly language and perfectly understands the user’s language.