Moments When Technology Was Not Your Best Friend

Technology often saves our lives while others just want to eliminate it completely of their lives. We can be skillful users of networks, smartphones, tablets, and laptops but we will never know when they will end up playing a trick on us. Technology is not always dangerous, sometimes that is what makes many jobs are modernized as the technology used in dentists consultants around the world, even more for Mexico dentists for dental implants.

At what times have you detested the technology? These are some that occurred to us.

When the phone dies at the worst moment: Every time our phone’s battery is about to die, and we do not have a charger on hand we are distressed. The worst thing is when that last line of battery runs out just when your boss calls, you have to communicate urgently with someone, or you are about to reach the place where your friends are, but you do not know where to look for them.

When you write a message to the wrong person: You have the hottest news of the day, and you can not wait to tell your best friend. You open Messenger or WhatsApp and release all the news with great detail. Everything is going well until you realize that you said to the wrong person or even worse, the protagonist of the gossip.

When WiFi is disconnected, and you do not realize: To save megabytes of your data plan, it is best to connect to the Wi-Fi network of the place where you are. The problem is when that network is unstable and ends up disconnecting without you noticing the issue, just when you are watching an online movie. Say goodbye to your internet service until next month.

When you “troll”: Facebook and Twitter not only allows us to get in touch with people around the world, they also make us easy target of the famous “trolley” where we are the point of mockery or criticism. If it has happened to you, it is possible that at that moment you wanted to disappear from cyberspace forever.

When a text is self-correcting: If we write a quick message, it is normal that we make some mistakes and that is where the auto-corrector saves our lives. However, we detest it when we want to say one thing, and it seems to understand all the contrary by correcting the text three times with different word options. Of course, none is indicated.

When your operating system becomes obsolete: Technology does not stop moving, and some of our devices are left in the past. The best solution is to renew them but, either because we love them or we lack the money, and we can not do it. While it works, there is no problem, but when the operating system is no longer compatible with the new programs, the difficulties will come.

When the memory is full: Sometimes we do not realize the enormous amount of things that we have stored in the memory of the cell phone, the tablet or the camera until the message appears. The thing bothers us, even more, when it happens just at the moment we have the opportunity to take the best picture or record the most fun video of the night and lose it.

When an account is blocked: We thank web pages for the options they give us for keeping our passwords and accounts secure. But we hate when we forget the key as well as the answer to the secret question or the access code to retrieve it. Better start thinking about opening a new account.

When your “harassment” is evident: Typical: you make friends with a new person on Facebook, or they start to follow you on Twitter. The first thing you do is investigate and check their photos or their old tweets. The problem comes when you mistakenly “like” or “favorite” a post from him years ago and he or she will receive a notification that will leave you uncovered. “Stalker” in sight.