You deserve awesome gifts this year…  just make sure to tell your friends and family that!

It’s not as if they don’t mean well, they just haven’t fully grasped your style of jewellery or clothes, like ever.  This has being going on since you were 10 and it happens to the best of us.  Remember the first time you got a porcelain figurine? Then over the years it spiralled into a full collection without a single signal or sign from you (what’s up with that?).

This year, it’s time for change. This year the term “re-gifting” will be forgotten and Christmas morning will rain down Coach purses, diamond teardrop earrings and that state of the art food processor you’ve been eyeing.   The dark ages, and the days of crappy, scratchy sweater vests are over. Yes friends, we’re in the age of Pinterest.

Creating a Holiday Gift Board is easy-peasy. The key is making it super easy for your family & friends. How?  By pinning images that directly link to e-commerce sites
that support direct purchases, giving them a simple, one-click solution for making your holiday dreams come true.  Another interesting way to do this would be to allow your friends and family to collaborate on a gift together as a group (especially a good idea for high-ticket items) — maybe that flat screen TV really is possible?

Holiday Gifts WW2

Pinterest Holiday Gift Board Tips

Step one for your Pinterest Holiday Gift Board is coming up with a fetching title. Something strong, something clear… “My Holiday Gift Wish List 2012″.  Now moving on to the description, include a cute line such as “if you really love me, you’ll get me what I need” — this might be the driver you need.

Start Pinning!

Hunt for awesome stuff on your favorite sites, and use your handy “PIN IT” browser button to capture only your must-haves.  As we’d mentioned earlier, it’s not helpful to merely pin images from articles or Google search if they don’t have an ecommerce environment — the easier you make it on your family, the better your chances of getting what you want.


Let your Family and Friends Collaborate on Gifts Together!

You may have heard the term “social-gifting” over the last few weeks with the recent announcement of Facebook Gifts but it lacks something big. There’s no way to truly collaborate on purchases with friends and family, or give them the option to “chip-in” on a purchase with Facebook’s new gifting feature. And from what we’ve seen, there’s no way to use items within Facebook Gifts to create awesome Pinterest boards.

CountMeIn is the perfect solution for your Holiday Gift Board on Pinterest.  Not only will CountMeIn enable you to “pin” gifts directly from the app,  it also supports a unique purchasing platform that gives your friends and family a way to “chip in” together on one single gift.  Whether you’re wishing for a vacation in Mexico or a kick butt professional food processor, your family can help raise funds by each contributing to a small portion of the gift.  Just go to , start surfing over one millions products, then share any item directly to your Pinterest board using their “Pin” button.

Be a Philanthropist with your Pinterest Board

‘Tis the season to give, right? Why not list one of your gifts to benefit your favorite non-profit or charity.  Using CountMeIn’s app, you can “pin” over 100,000 charities straight to your Holiday Gift Board. This will allow your friends and family to click on the gift card image of your charity (within your Pinterest board), then make a donation in your name.  From the onset, you can additionally set a goal for how much you’d like to raise for the charitable donation and track which one of your people have contributed.

Charitable Gift Cards

Tell Someone… and Everyone!

Tweet, post and blast out a link to your Holiday Gift Board on Pinterest.  Keep in mind this isn’t just about you, your friends and fam will appreciate the help. You’re eliminating the need for them to stand in treacherous lines at the mall, and depending on your locale you’ve saved them a trip outside in the freezing cold — no fuss no muss.

Gift Tweet

The Bottom Line:

Pinterest offers you a beautiful way to collect and display gifts, sorted in an organized fashion. It also facilitates an easy-to-use solution for directly linking gifts to the place where you can purchase them online.  Lastly, for high-priced items the other takeaway is that social-gifting and group collaboration can reduce your friends’ and family members’ individual costs — getting you access to really amazing presents.