How do I login to CountMeIn?
CountMeIn is a social gifting application. In order to create an account, users simply need to accept the app.

How do I organize a gift?
CountMeIn App allows users to either organize gifts for themselves or for others. By clicking on the ‘Start a New Gift’, users will be taken through a very simple process in which they can organize their gifts.

How do I check the status of my gift?

Each CountMeIn user is able to click on the ‘My Account’ tab at any time which grants them access to real-time information relating to gifts they have organized or gifts that their friends have organized.

How do I promote a gift?
On each item page of an organized gift, there is a button which allows users to “Promote” the gift. Users will have the option of promoting each gift to all of their friends or to mutual friends they share with the gift recipient.

How do I contribute?

On each item page of an organized gift, there is a button which allows users to “Contribute” towards the gift. Once a user clicks the link, they will be able to see how much remains to be contributed until the full gift has been purchased. A user may contribute as little or as much as they would like. No contribution is too small. Users can only contribute towards a gift once they have submitted a valid credit card for payment.

What payment methods do you take?
CountMeIn currently accepts payments via Visa, Amex or MasterCard. As the app continues to develop, other forms of payment will be introduced.

How do I cancel a gift?
A gift may be cancelled so long as it has not yet been promoted. Once a gift has been promoted, the gift will be listed for a period of 30 days at which point it will expire. All gifts can be easily managed through a user’s account profile.

How do I know when an item has been shipped?
An email confirmation will be sent to the gift organizer as soon as an item has been processed. Emails will include tracking numbers as well as originating shipper information.

How do I cancel a product shipment?
Item shipments may not be cancelled. Shipping information may be updated or changed prior to a gift being fully funded through a user’s account profile.

What is your return policy?
CountMeIn serves as a platform which allows Facebook users to organize gifts. CountMeIn is not a retailer or distributor. CountMeIn defers all return policies to the shipper and does not allow for any returns.

What happens if I don’t reach the purchase amount for a gift?
Two options are available when the full purchase price of a gift has not been raised. Either, users can top it up by contributing towards the gift themselves, or, users may request a gift card in the amount contributed towards their gift minus processing fees.

Can a contribution be made anonymously?
Yes. All users have the option of contributing towards a gift anonymously.

Can gifts be organized for individuals who are not on Facebook?
Yes. All that is required is the name, address, email and occasion of gift for the recipient. Users may still invite their Facebook friends to contribute towards a gift for an individual who does not have a Facebook account.

How much sales tax is charged?
Taxes are determined by a recipient’s provincial or state location and are added to the total purchase price when a gift is organized to avoid any additional fees from suddenly appearing once all of the funds have been raised for a gift.

What is Buy Now?

The “Buy Now” feature allows for users to purchase an entire gift in one shot as opposed to inviting or waiting for others to contribute towards a particular gift.

How can I affiliate with Count Me In?
CountMeIn welcomes partnerships with manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors. Should you be interested in exploring a partnership with CountMeIn, feel free to contact us at:

If I have a question about a product, who is the best person to ask?
For questions about products, you are best off going straight to the manufacturer. CountMeIn stands behind every product we offer, but that doesn’t mean we know how all of their parts fit together. You’ll get the most knowledgeable answer from the supplier.

What is the minimum gift contribution?
The minimum contribution towards a gift on the CountMeIn app is currently ten dollars.

What if I can’t find what I’m looking for?
I would love to use CountMeIn but the gift I am looking for does not seem to be in your catalogue.
CountMeIn would like to hear from you! Please CONTACT our team. If there is enough demand, we will make sure that our catalogue is updated to include your dream gift!