Interested in becoming more fiscally responsible in 2013? You can start by reducing your annual spend by collaborating, which will drive down your yearly spending on gifts and large-ticket items… with a little help from your friends.

As of last year, the annual spend on gifts was approximately $764 per person and with the proliferation of new technologies and gadgets our individual costs continue to rise. This year, the estimated cost of the top five sought-after gifts reached over $200 on average, this total affected by the price of smartphones, eReaders and tablets.

Many of us ask for things within the budgets of our family and friends. But, what if you could get things you actually wanted, items that you’d normally consider out of your reach. Inversely, you’d have the ability to purchase the things your circles wanted like an appliance or a new TV. The aforementioned may be too costly for one individual, and it stands to reason that a new payment process system is required to solve the current way we collaborate on gifts.

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The solution: an electronic payment system that enables networks to collaborate across the globe, eliminating the hassles and legwork of chasing down friends for their contribution. Envisioning this, CountMeIn’s social gifting platform was developed, bringing forth a new wave of payment technology that fills the gap of old school gifting. Through the use of CMI’s ‘chip-in’ tool, consumers can purchase gifts together as a group and give their friends and family that something that they really wanted.

Another example of a costly endeavour are home renovations. Whether it’s for cosmetic needs or a must-fix emergency, the ability to connect a purchase electronically across a group of people can easily be solved, driving down a families annual cost.

Ideally, gift giving is about getting someone something special, something that they themselves need, want and cherish. By gifting something that might be financially out of reach for the recipient by collaborating you’ve reduced your individual cost, mission accomplished.

Jeff Saul, CEO of CountMeIn
Jeff Saul Profile PicOver the past 17 years, Jeff Saul has been working with many national and international retailers to enhance their overall operations and consumer experience. His focus within the consumer electronics, apparel, appliance, jewellery and telecommunications industries has been pivotal in his understanding and approach to modern consumer and industry needs. Saul also chairs the Installation Maintenance Repair Sector Council and Trade Association while sitting as Board of Director for Electro Federation Canada where he leads industry initiatives that help standardize and reform the ever-changing retail landscape.