Social media is only a game if you can’t monetize it. We empower retailers with our innovative white label collaboration platform, that brings your consumer a branded experience to arrange gifts for themselves, or a third party recipient. Using our branded storefronts, consumers can promote your products across social media platforms, and collaborate (“chip-in”) with friends and family members toward the purchase of gifts. CountMeIn gives brands and retailers an opportunity to engage new social and mobile channels to monetize consumers, which leverages the “Omni-Channel” strategy being widely promoted across the retail industry today. In addition to providing free tools to monetize ‘social commerce’, CMI also brings retailers the opportunity to be part of the largest collaborative international mall, with mirrored landscape to West Edmonton Mall and Mall of America.

Immediately break into the social commerce space with no up-front financial investment and utilize an implementation process that is unparalleled.


With no upfront fees, high-level of return and little use of resources to get started, CMI’s turkey solution removes almost all barriers of entry and adoption. Whether your consumer shops on your existing dot.com environment, within your Facebook fan page or within our international mall, your consumer has the power to become an aspiring owner, collaborate on a gift purchase or simply buy an item outright. Retailers can adopt our technology and set up branded storefronts without the risk of diluting their brands.

Countmein benefits

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