Here at CountMeIn, we’re big fans of sharing. Whether it’s a great article, funny meme or must-have product: we love to share it all! That’s why we created a tool that enables users to create public wish lists to promote their favorite items, and of course, we added a twist; when you share a product it attaches an invite link for your friends and family to contribute towards the purchase.

Step 1:

To get started, visit CountMeIn and select “Start a New Gift” to browse through a wide-array of products from designer jewellery, kitchen appliances, and pet supplies to all-in-one travel packages.
CountMeIn Gifts

Step 2:

When you find something you like, just select “Choose This Gift” to begin a wish list for yourself, or a friend/family member.

CountMeIn Choose this Gift

Step 3:

At this point, you have the option to pick who the item is for. Choose a gift for yourself (Gift for Me), someone else (Gift for a Friend), or begin a gift wish list (Gift Registry). Let’s choose “Gift Registry” to start the wish list.

CountMeIn Gift Registry

Step 4:

No matter the occasion, CountMeIn enables users to create social wish lists/registries that can hold multiple products from any retailer within the app. Once you’ve created your wish list, just select “Add Gifts” to start compiling the registry.

Countmein Wish Lists

Step 5

Now it’s time to promote those gifts to your networks. Any one of the gifts can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, which sends out an invite link that enables your friends and family to contribute (“chip-in”) towards the gift.

Promote to friends
CountMeIn Tweet

CountMeIn saves you from organizing a gift the old fashioned way, eliminating the need to chase down your friends for their contributions. If the gift is for yourself, it’s a great way to share the products you really want while saving your buddies money through a truly collaborative experience.